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Plastream® pipe, a product owned by Contech Engineered Solutions, is a steel reinforced plastic (SRPE) pipe that presents a structured wall profile and a smooth internal surface. Plastream is suitable for non-pressure applications and is commonly used for drainage and sewers, from diameters of 762 mm up to 3048 mm. International licensing opportunities are available. Contact Contech for additional information.

The plastic profile is extruded using black high-density polyethylene which is embedded with vertical strips of steel. This composite structure creates a pipe with high strength and a relatively low material mass. Plastream pipe can be produced in a range of stiffness classes depending on individual requirements. Stiffness values between 2000 (SN 2) and 12000 (SN 12) N/m/m (EN ISO 9969, Determination of Ring Stiffness) can be achieved simply by varying the steel configuration.

Plastream offers reliability proven through various international test methods, including German pipe standard DIN16961 and the draft European standard prEN 13476 and has been approved for use worldwide.

HDPE with steel reinforced ribs  Will not creep or buckle; can be twice as stiff as non-steel reinforced HDPE pipe 
Corrosion and abrasion resistant  Can be used in acidic/caustic soils, or in applications with corrosive or highly abrasive flows 
3 psi soil tight joints, steel reinforced 15 psi high performance, and 30 psi welded coupler joints  Joint options for a variety of sites & applications  
Smooth interior   Superior hydraulics; allows for minimum slope designs and longer runs 


  • Available in 200 mm – 3000 mm diameters
  • Standard lengths are 4.27 m or 7.32 m
  • Available with a full range of fabricated fittings such as elbows, tees, wyes, slope junctions, and reducers


  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Storm Sewer
  • Irrigation
  • Stormwater Detention/Retention
  • Wastewater Storage & Yard Piping
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Combined Sewer Overflow
  • Glycol Storage


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